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Archival Records for Wasilków
For information on this page and what is listed, please see Introducing archival records info in the Compendium. The links here were updated in June 2021, which you can find out more about in Updates to Polish archive links.

The PRADZIAD/Unit List link will either link to the PRADZIAD database information for the collection, or to the unit list for records if the Polish State Archives site has the unit information already on the site. The szukajwarchiwach.gov.pl link should be the authortative link from the Polish State Archives for the specific collection.


Archive Film Summary Comments
Prussian Secret State Archives in Berlin-Dahlem 1186458
Births, Marriages, Deaths Births 1870-1926, 1929-1939, Marriages 1923-1926, 1930-1931, Deaths 1918, 1923-1926
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