There are a lot of things I want to add to this site, and there are many things that can be improved. Please share you thoughts on how you would improve the site below in the comments.

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  1. Right away, I have to say “WOW!”
    My suggestion relates to maps. In Eastern Europe the borders changed over the years and I’ve often looked for sequences of maps that show locations of the towns I was researching. I’m also interested in maps showing the gubernias, provinces, and counties and how they changed. Ellis Island info often gives the province as origin of immigrants. All of this might be on your site but not immediately apparent. THANKS!!

    1. Thank you. Currently the only map and province/county information is on the Polish town pages. As it stands everything on this site is based on the current location – I only show the current map and the current Province and County. I developed the database of current provinces and counties through months of work. Adding historical information would be too time-consuming for now, although much of that information is available through JewishGen’s Locality pages (which actually don’t have the current province/county data that I have for Poland). JewishGen’s database covers many countries, so it’s worth taking a look at for historical geographic information.

  2. Amazing work Philip! On the Poland town page, please make a distinction between the two towns named Wieniawa in Poland. One is in Przysucha county. One is a separate town that no longer exists as it was later incorporated into Lublin. The current listing leads to both Wieniawas!

    1. Hi Dan. I see that the cemetery listing from Lo Tishkach is the wrong Wienawa, but is anything else not the Lublin one?

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