Polish State Archives Contact List

It’s great that so many records in Poland are being scanned and put online for everyone to access, but sometimes it’s necessary to contact an archive directly. I’ve created a list of archive locations with their contact information, which you can view on the new Polish State Archives Contact List page.

You can get an idea of what it looks like above. Each archive has their archive number, the name in both English and Polish, the physical address, the phone number, and a series of links which include e-mail, web site, the list of records for that archive, a description of that archive, and (if it exists) the Facebook page.

You can search through the list using the search field on the top right of the table.

Go to the Polish State Archives Contact List page now to check it out. If I’m missing anything, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Polish State Archives Contact List

    1. First, I would recommend the page in the Compendium on Zarnow.

      Second, in there you can find the two records in the Cemeteries section which both give coordinates of the cemetery. The page on Lo Tishkach has a link to load a Google Maps page showing where the cemetery is, and you can view the satellite image view to see what it looks like.

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