Holocaust Records Free for May

Continuing the Holocaust records theme from yesterday, I noticed that has announced that for the month of May they will be making their entire Holocaust Collection available for free. Footnote, for those who don’t know, has a partnership with the US National Archives where they make many of the archival records from the National Archives available online. As I’ve mentioned on the Naturalizations page, this includes holding like Naturalization papers, but also records from the Civil War, US Census, and even records captured by the US military during WWII relevant to the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Collection includes records related to assets looted by the Nazis, German war crime records, pre-trial Nuremberg interrogation transcripts, captured German records including from concentration camps, and more.

While not all of these records are relevant to genealogy, many are, especially the registers from various concentration camps. As the records are free for the rest of May, it’s  good way to take a loot at these incredible historical documents if you’re not a subscriber.

UPDATE: If you are coming to this post from a search or some other way, note that is now and has changing its focus to military records only. While the older records are still on the site, they will not be expanding their non-military collections.