Another look at Jewish given names in the Ultra-Orthodox community
An Ultra-Orthdox view of Jewish Names
101 Most Popular Jewish Girls Names in Israel in 2020
101 Most Popular Jewish Boys Names in Israel in 2020
Seven women, and a detour to Morocco
Jewish cemeteries in Poland
Given names from British Mandate Palestine
A look at British Mandate Palestine name changes
Updates to Polish archive links
Watching my Rootstech Session
Speaking at Rootstech Connect
Ten Year Site Anniversary
Photos handed down through different family branches
Updated Immigrant Census Form (1940 added)
101 Most Popular Jewish Boys Names in Israel in 2019
101 Most Popular Jewish Girls Names in Israel in 2019
1925 Female Yiddish and Hebrew Names (Harkavy)
Harkavy Names 1925 Male Yiddish and Hebrew Names (Harkavy)
Deciphering Jewish Gravestones
US Rabbinical Guide to Female Jewish Names from 1939
US Rabbinical Guide to Male Jewish Names from 1939
Female Jewish Names in Poland from 1866
Male Jewish Names in Poland from 1866
Pre-War Female Jewish Names in Poland
Pre-War Male Jewish Names in Poland
Hebrew Resources A look at Hebrew resources on this site
Figuring out the Polish State Archive changes
B&F Honored by the IAJGS
Polish State Archives Contact List
101 Most Popular Jewish Girls Names in Israel in 2017 and 2018
101 Most Popular Jewish Boys Names in Israel in 2017 and 2018
Changes at the Polish State Archives
Zbaszyn Refugees in Falenica JDC Warsaw Office Locality Files 1939-1941
Watch my FB Live video explaining how to use the B&F Compendium of Jewish Genealogy
More newspapers, Landsmanshaft cemetery sections, and convenience
Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy
Tracks of two visits to Okopowa St. Cemetery Learning from Okopawa St.
Links to local Jewish newspapers added to the Compendium
Rzeszów - 1899 Communities tied to Rzeszów (Reisha), Poland via marriage
Practical suggestions when photographing cemeteries
Get ready to photograph – The Okopowa St. Project begins
Burials in the Okopowa St. Cemetery from 1804 to 2010 Okopowa St. Cemetery Maps and Statistics
The challenges of online cemetery research
An experiment in collaborative genealogy
טֹפֶס יוּחֲסִין Hebrew Genealogy Forms
101 Most Common Surnames in Israel (in 2016)
Kańczuga, Poland in the Yad Vashem Shoah Names Database Yad Vashem Shoah Names Database
101 Most Popular Jewish Boys Names in Israel in 2016
101 Most Popular Jewish Girls Names in Israel in 2016
Hebrew-English Family Terms Chart Hebrew family and genealogy terms
B&F has a new server
Avotaynu Black Friday Sale Black Friday sale on Avotaynu books
Introducing archival records info in the Compendium
Notes for the town of Zagórze Improved notes for Polish towns
Ukrainian towns with Jewish records in Polish archives
101 Most Popular Jewish Girls Names in Israel in 2015
101 Most Popular Jewish Boys Names in Israel in 2015
B&F Compendium of Jewish Genealogy The Encyclopedia is now the Compendium
When was the last time you updated your JGFF listings?
A look at Dobiegniew, one of the more than 200 new towns added Over two hundred new Polish towns added to the compendium
New Polish cemetery resources
Bad places for snails, and the ephemerality of the Internet
1,000,000 database records passed at IGRA
A year on from introducing the B&F Compendium of Jewish Genealogy
Stolpersteine in memory of Mindel and Aron Salzman
TreeSync end-of-life announced, with under two weeks left of service
Tracking down a couple that disappeared during the Holocaust
Jack Trauring US Passport 1938 When my grandfather traveled to Nazi Germany to save his family
Google PhotoScan - a genealogists best friend?
B&F Ancestor Form A reminder about the B&F Forms System
Don't get stuck inside the box
How you can help
About those 10,000 Polish resources
B&F Compendium of Jewish Genealogy A bit about how the compenidum came to be (and where it's going)
B&F Compendium of Jewish Genealogy Introducing the B&F Compendium of Jewish Genealogy
Jewish Names from the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (1917)
Jewish Surnames: An instructive and suggestive essay on an interesting subject (1904)
Casual racism and onomastics from a century ago
Is a third option for transitioning from FTM on the horizon?
Ancestry comes up with solutions for FTM users
101 Most Popular Jewish Boys Names in Israel in 2014
101 Most Popular Jewish Girls Names in Israel in 2014
Most popular boys names in Israel, by city, for 2014
Popular Girls Names Israel by City, 2014 Most popular girls names in Israel, by city, for 2014
Managing the FTM transition
Ancestry just killed off Family Tree Maker
What DPI should I scan my photos, and in what format do I save them?
Some thoughts on day one of #IAJGS2015
Typical name distribution? A preview of my lecture on Monday.
Newly searchable newspapers in Belgium
Attending the Int'l Conf. on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem this summer?
The Israel State Archives are heading online
Looking for a house in Germany
Using Nikud (Vowels) in Hebrew on a Mac
2015 IAJGS Int'l Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem
Free access to 23andMe – if you have Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease
MyHeritage announces integration with 23andMe
Family Tree DNA sale (until Sept. 3)
Map of Kańczuga from the Second Military Survey (1806-1869) Historical Maps of the Hapsburg Empire
Find A Grave app Find A Grave goes mobile
SS-5 Form Online Ordering Ordering a SS-5 Social Security Application
Stop Spam I'm sorry if you couldn't comment in the past
FTM for Mac 3 Family Tree Maker 3 for Mac available (and at a discount)
23andMe Logo 23 and You
Thank you for three years
Our grandparents had more fun than us
New records indexed from Vienna, even more on microfilm
Mac genealogy software updates
Remembering my grandfather
Transitioning from Blogger to Wordpress
The problem of borders...
Scanning documents and photos using your phone
Tarnów and Thüer (Thier)
Routes to Roots, improved
Genealogy Software for the Mac
Four New Israel Databases
Two genealogy software discounts
Collaborating without having to be in sync
Memorial Plaques New Memorial Plaque Database
Evidence-based Genealogy
Heredis for Mac and PC, on sale for $10.99 until July 7
The Ring of Trust
Racism and Commonality as Reasons for Name Changes
MacFamilyTree 7 Released - upgrade pricing for everyone
Introducing Lexigenealogy – a new blog
What does New Zealand have against Justice?
Jewish names, red herrings, and name changes
How surnames change – research into one name over two centuries
From Despair to Celebration
Bring It Home
Pursuing Genealogical Red Herrings
Wacky Wednesday: Fire Extinguisher Hand Grenades
iPad Users – free app today that can fill out B&F genealogy forms
Fascinating Headdress – where is this family from?
Trick to use Hebrew and Yiddish in Adobe InDesign
A Major Breakthough for Jewish Polish Records
Genealogy Apps in the Mac App Store (Update)
Finding Hebrew Fonts
International Jewish Genealogy Conference in Boston
Useful Document for Researching Belgian Immigrants to US
Mac indexing software for World Archives Project
Database of Polish Victims of the Nazis
The launch of the all new All Israel Database
Two years of Blood and Frogs
FamilyTreeDNA Sale - through end of year
Database of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland
A look at new Israeli databases
Friends from Antwerp - and is that a famous Yiddish poet?
L'Shana Tova (from 1948)
Who's in that photo?
RootsMagic joins FHISO effort to improve genealogy standards
FamilyTree DNA Summer Sale
Around the World in 40 Blogs
Jewish Databases from Aleppo, Syria
New York records from 1940 Census now searchable!
Linda Chavez Discovers Her Converso Roots Launches Autosomal DNA Test
FamilyTree DNA Sale Today and Tomorrow
First 1940 Census Images are online!
New Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Search
The 1940 Census is just 12 days away...
A look at progress on the USHMM records indexing
Israel Through Photographs
Researching people born in Israel, but who moved
Food as Genealogy – Iraqi Kubbe
Genealogy standards, another look
Win a Free Trip to Your Family's Homeland
New Genealogy Society in Israel (and major new website)
Changes in Access to the SSDI and Vital Records
Great-Grandma's Cherry Pie: An entertaining look at copyright issues
Books on Sephardi Jews
The 1940 US Census
Abandoned Jewish Cemetery in Belize
1st Blogiversary: The Year in Review
Why We Do Genealogy
Paris 2012
FamilyTreeDNA 2011 Holiday Sale
Tying together my last two posts
Perceptions of Relationship
The End of the Printed Book (coming soon, but not yet)
A little known Facebook feature (for genealogy)...
The Fate of the Sabbatarians 15 Days of Free Access and Prizes
36 Hour FamilyTreeDNA Sale
A new addition to my family tree
How do you do genealogy online?
Volunteer Opportunity at the JDC
More on Landsmanshaftn
No More Shtetls
Free Access to's Immigration and Travel Records
Some observations from the IAJGS Conference
2000 Fans on Facebook!
Learning about Landsmanshaftn
$50 off 23andMe DNA Testing
Utilizing Belgian Archives for Jewish Research
Can't figure out what the real name of a town is?
Did your family live in or pass through Antwerp, Belgium?
JewishGen Basics: JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)
Another look at GRAMPS
Variations in Jewish Given Names
FamilyTree DNA Upgrade Sale (June 15-22)
Speaking on Genetic Genealogy next week in Modi'in
1000 Fans on Facebook!
Blood and Frogs +1
My new article series on the JewishGen blog
Finding Information on US Immigrants
For Memorial Day, BillionGraves App/Site Launches
Finding local records
Genealogy Basics: Up, Down and Sideways
Hebrew Ethical Wills from JPS 70% off – for three days
Animals and Name Pairs in Jewish Given Names
Five Way To Follow Blood and Frogs
Name Changes at Ellis Island
Grave of the 'Unknown' Soldier
World Memory Project: USHMM and Team Up
Project HEART: Database of Stolen Holocaust-Era Assets
Jewish Telegraphic Agency Archives Go Online Holocaust Records Free for May
JDC archives with over 500,000 names now online
Speaking: The ABCs of DNA in Ra'anana, Israel on May 11
Using DNA for Genealogy: Y-DNA and mtDNA
Thinking about trying genetic genealogy?
Jewish Gravestone Symbols
Finding US Naturalization Records
British Mandate Publications
New Genealogy Forms Posted
Revising the B&F Forms System
Introducing B&F Enhanced Genealogy Search
B&F Ancestor Form Introducing the B&F Forms System
Jewish Genealogy Basics: Mailing Lists
Don't Trust What You Find on the Internet, and Cite All Your Sources
Jewish Genealogy Basics: Ancestral Town (Shtetl) Information
When you have an address but not a name...
What's your favorite online family tree site?
Ways to Follow This Blog
Using to...
Genealogy Basics: Historical Newspapers
Finding and getting copies of Jewish records in Poland
New iPhone and iPad App from
People lie, and so do documents
Pruning Your Family Tree
Yad Vashem teams up with Google
Jewish Genealogy Basics: Yizkor Books
New versions of MacFamilyTree and FamilyTreeMaker for Mac
GRAMPS 3.2.5 released for Mac, but not ready for primetime
A sample genealogy folder hierarchy Genealogy Folder Organization: The B&F System
Religious marriages, civil marriages and surnames from mothers
Jewish Genealogy Basics: The JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)
Preserving Photographic Prints, Slides and Negatives
The Mac App Store Launches, with 3 Genealogy Apps
Preserving Paper Documents Through De-Acidification
Blood and Frogs: Now on Twitter...
Yad Vashem's Quest
Giving Back Through Indexing
The Search For...Books.
The Future of Sharing (Genealogical Data)
Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony and
The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust
Multimedia support in FTM for Mac - a bit lacking
Researching Jewish Relatives Who Passed Through Belgium
Launching Family Tree Maker for Mac and Importing a GEDCOM
Should I switch from Reunion 9 to Family Tree Maker for Mac?