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Introducing a new Q&A system.

I previously introduced a Question and Answer system to this site, using technology from a company named Pubble, and while it worked, I didn’t feel it worked as well as I wanted. It was slow to load, and required you to sign up on Pubble, or use Facebook or Twitter to login.

I’ve now replaced that Q&A system (unfortunately questions asked using it are now gone) with a different system that seems to work better. It’s run on my site, not loaded from a separate server (like Pubble), and allows login from many different services, or by creating an account right here on B&F.

So please go ahead and ask your questions, see what other questions are posted, answer those you know, and I’ll try to add my answers to every post as well.

If you have any problems at all, please send me a message via the Contact page, or send me an e-mail.

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  1. Time Traveler says:

    I think the Q&A is a good idea. Perhaps you could keep it on top of all the other blogs, or create small banner in the right column of your website if you want to draw more attention to it. But I’ve also noticed that the last Q&A attracted a lot of spam, so perhaps you need secure this section better.

    On my Windows 7 computer, using the latest version of Firefox, the layout of the Q&A page looks a bit messed up. On this picture you can see what I mean:
    It’s actually possible to type in this window, but I’m not sure if posting a message works for me.

    I decided to put it through the test. I’m only able to post a message when I’m logged in into WordPress, but as soon as I’m logged in I can’t access the Q&A section anymore and when I’m logged out I can open the Q&A page and see my comment. Interesting! 😀

    I personally think it works better if you keep your blogs and Q&A also open to non-WordPress members and use spam protection at the same time.

    I would say: take your sweet time to take a look at this issue, and if I want to post something on the Q&A board I will give it a try, otherwise I just send you an email.

    Time Traveler

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