Starting to use Google+

I’ve been on Google+ as long as anyone, but I admit that at the beginning it didn’t seem very useful. Over time I started to notice, however, lots of discussions going on – particularly about genealogy. Then Google introduced Communities and real discussions started happening. I started to comment on other people’s questions, usually through the iPhone app which makes it easy, and realized that it holds some advantages over Facebook in fostering discussions.

I’ve had a Facebook Page for a long time, with over 2600 followers, and I answer questions there all the time, but it seemed time to get more involved in Google+.

As such, I’ve connected this blog directly to Google+, which should allow me to easily share posts there, and I have set up a Google+ Page for this blog that people can follow.

So if you use Google+, follow this blog’s page to keep updated, and to take part in discussions connected to the posts, and to ask your own questions. If you have suggestions on how to best use Google+, let me know in the comments below (or post on Google+).

One thought on “Starting to use Google+

  1. Like you (almost), I’ve been on Google+ for a while, but hadn’t really utilized it (just starting now). The platform seems to have plenty of potential…it’s just that small matter of getting my bearings and learning how to optimize the thing.

    Took a look at your page there. Best wishes with this new project!

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